What are Community Conundrums?

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You may have heard or seen something about Community Conundrums - but what are they?

Each week on Monday we will be providing you with a puzzle to solve in Dataiku DSS. From model building to data prep we will be testing your knowledge across the full spectrum of your Dataiku DSS capabilities - and expanding it along the way!

Partaking in Community Conundrums also gives you the chance to earn this brand new badge: the 'Conundrum Solver' badge!


Conundrum Solver is fairly simple - complete a Conundrum, get a badge! Beat the Benchmark is a little more tough: each puzzle will have a solution submitted by one of our Dataikers - submit a superior solution and you are in for a badge.

Head over to the first Conundrum Conundrum 1: Law and Order Modeling to try your hand at modeling with some crime statistics!

We’ve created a handy catalog of all past challenges to help you find the one you want to tackle with difficulty levels and topic labeling! We've categorized each Conundrum under 3 broad topics: Modeling, Data Prep and Data Visualization

A word on difficulty

  1. Basic Conundrums are accessible to all and usually open ended.
  2. Intermediate Conundrums can be completed by anyone but might require significant reference to reference docs and other resources.
  3. Advanced Conundrums can be really quite hard - but the answer is within the grasp of an experienced user with all relevant documented guidance.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing your attempts to solve our Conundrums!

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