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I want to set the logo of my customer as theme in the background but I have not found the option to set a theme customly. I know there are some themes from the last century given in the Administration panel, but that´s not what I am searching for. Any solutions?

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    The 90s store their themes in the resources/themes folder of the DSS installation directory (i.e. INSTALL_DIR/resources/themes)

    In order to add your own theme:

    • In the DSS data directory, create a themes subfolder in the resources folder (so DATA_DIR/resources/themes)
    • Select the theme that you despise the least from the INSTALL_DIRresources/themes folder
    • Copy the INSTALL_DIR/resources/themes/selected_theme to DATA_DIR/resources/themes/the_name_you_want
    • Edit the files in DATA_DIR/resources/themes/the_name_you_want to enable 21st century mode


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