Announcing Community Conundrums!

Michael Grayson
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We’re thrilled to introduce that Community Conundrums are live! The perfect opportunity to hone your Dataiku DSS skills and share them with the world.

Each week on Monday we will be providing you with a puzzle to solve in Dataiku DSS. From model building to data prep we will be testing your knowledge across the full spectrum of your Dataiku DSS capabilities - and expanding it along the way!

Head over to the first Conundrum Conundrum 1: Law and Order Modeling to try your hand at modeling with some crime statistics!

Of course what would a new activity be without new badges? So of course partaking in Community Conundrums give you the chance to earn these two brand new badges:


Get ready to try your hand at earning the 'Conundrum Solver' and 'Beat the Benchmark' badges!

Conundrum Solver is fairly simple - complete a Conundrum, get a badge! Beat the Benchmark is a little more tough: each puzzle will have a solution submitted by one of our Dataikers - submit a superior solution and you are in for a badge.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing your attempts to solve our Conundrums!

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