Saving reactive datatable from Shiny R webapp into HDFS dataset

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Hi all,

I am able to use function dkuReadDataset in Shiny R webapp without problems, but I have troubles when I try to save the reactive datatable df() (or even not reactive).

I have made a dataset "test" inside of flow. But still when I run dkuWriteDataset(df(), "test"), the screen becomes grey in Shiny.

It would be the best if I could append the data each time user clicks in webapp some filter etc.

Thank you so much in advance,


The log is following:

2020-03-17 13:49:01,884 67400 INFO [Child] opened stderr
2020-03-17 13:49:01,884 67400 INFO [Child] about to close other fd
2020-03-17 13:49:01,884 67400 INFO [Child] closed other fd
2020-03-17 13:49:01,884 67400 INFO [Child] chdired
2020-03-17 13:49:01,884 67400 INFO setting username=mgavrilovic uid=507275987 gid=507200513
2020-03-17 13:49:01,885 67400 INFO [Child] dropped privileges
2020-03-17 13:49:01,885 67400 INFO [Child] Executing: /data0/dssdesign_data/code-envs/R/R_EYG_Internal_Audit_Dashboard_MG/bin/R : /data0/dssdesign_data/code-envs/R/R_EYG_Internal_Audit_Dashboard_MG/bin/R --quiet --no-save -e shiny::runApp('/data0/dssdesign_data/tmp/EYG_INTERNAL_AUDIT_ANOMALY_DETECTION_AUTOMATION_MG/web_apps/JO3Hw20',port=2223)> shiny::runApp('/data0/dssdesign_data/tmp/EYG_INTERNAL_AUDIT_ANOMALY_DETECTION_AUTOMATION_MG/web_apps/JO3Hw20',port=2223)Loading required package: shinyListening on required package: ggplot2Attaching package: ‘plotly’
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