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Which type of question we see for the certification?

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  • KerriW
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    Hi there, thanks for your question! Can you provide a bit more detail as to what type of information you're looking for?

    If you're looking for training resources, you may want to have a look at the Learn section of Dataiku.com for more information about our tutorials and getting started with the concepts in DSS. Also, you may want to look at our Academy Resources.

    You'll also find links to Sample Use Cases, Reference Docs and many more helpful resources.

    But do let us know if there is something more specific you're looking for! Thanks again for stopping by!

  • HugoO
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    Hi Madhuri,

    I suppose you're talking about Dataiku's L1 Certification. As you said, this certification is in two steps.

    The first one is a multiple choice questionnaire, hosted via ClassMarker; if you submitted your information on our website (https://www.dataiku.com/learn/online-certification/), you should have received that link. The passing grade is 60%.

    One you've submitted your results on ClassMarker, you will receive an email within 48hrs containing more instructions on the Kaggle challenge.

    The Kaggle score has no limit, but depending on how good (i.e. low) it is, you can unlock personal achievements, which will appear on the certificate. There is no failing score on the Kaggle, but all participants must show they have built a full workflow in DSS.

    After having submitted a valid score to Kaggle, you will need to send your answer in the form of a screenshot, a zipped file of the DSS project, and your written score via this form.

    Once we receive and process your form submission and answers, you will receive an email within ~48hours either containing your certificate.

    You can reach out to certifications[at]dataiku.com if you have any issues. I hope this post helps !


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