The future of data science

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At Dataiku, we're lucky to be in contact with many different data scientists across organizations, industries, and of course geographies.
We wanted to share their perspectives on key issues, cutting through the current hype to explore how they contextualize their role and why they love it - while exploring ethical concerns and the challenges to come.
The result is a hour-long documentary interviewing 22 Data Scientists in 4 cities representing 20 companies. You can join a screening near you or host your own, and we'd like to broaden the discussion to hear from you!
As the Community gathers data practitioners with a rich diversity of backgrounds and profiles, your perspectives bear many insights.
What is your current role, and what do you think it will look in the next 5-10 years as the data-driven organizations evolve? What will stay the same, and what will be different?
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