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Hi everyone,

I have created an R receipt which takes as input a dataset (which is a Big Query SQL table) and returns as output a CSV dataset, applying a model which was previously trained.

I am now trying to apply to this dataset a SQL receipt (I want to write my own SQL code), but I am not able to do so and I guess that the reason is that my dataset is not a SQL table.

Then, my question is; is there a way to write the result of the R receipt as a SQL table; if not are there any other kind of receipt which transform a csv dataset into a SQL table.

Thank you everyone for your usual support.

Kind regards,




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    Did you use the builtin R output syntax? If you create a R recipe from your input dataset, for most SQL output databases the 'dkuWriteDataset' function will transform your R dataframe or data table into a SQL table...

    # Recipe inputs
    df <- dkuReadDataset("input_flow_name", samplingMethod="head", nbRows=100000)
    # Compute recipe outputs from inputs
    # TODO: Replace this part by your actual code that computes the output, as a R dataframe or data table
    # Recipe outputs

  • alepicca
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    Hi Vincent,

    I have actually used the built in R output format and it gives me a CSV file; however I have discovered that by using a Sync receipt it is possible to turn the CSV into a SQL table.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards,


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