Dataiku Community February 2020 Release

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This is our first Dataiku Community Release - code names "Kintsugi" - since launching the community in January 2020. Thanks for all your great feedback on how to improve this experience. Please continue doing so by using the feedback option to your right or by posting in "The Nest". Now let's have a look at what's new:

"Unanswered" topics list

Members that are more seasoned on communities – and experts on the DSS platform – asked for a way to quickly find topics that haven’t received an answer yet. We added this message filter both on the community front page as well as the category activity listing:



OpenSearch support

OpenSearch is a website search enhancement that allows you to search our Community even quicker straight from your browsers’ address bar or search field:


Type in in your address bar and hit TAB key on your keyboard to start the search


Open – The search field magnifier icon should show a green plus. Click and select “Add Dataiku Community Search”


Open at least once. (You can verify OpenSearch has been correctly detected in Safari Preferences -> Search -> “Enable Quick Website Search”). Type into the address bar “Dataiku” followed by a space and your search term. You will see the community search and three search suggestions listed below.

Rich preview for community URLs

When sharing community links on your favorite instant messenger or social network you will now see richer URL previews. So you can show off your community credentials by sharing your profile link on your company Slack:


… or when sharing a topic link the preview will show a snippet and author information:


Labels widgets sortable and pagination added

The labels list on board pages is now sorted by frequency. You can still switch back to alphabetical sorting from the dropdown. Use this to find topics in an area you want to learn more about.


Private Messages and Notifications on Mobile

Private messages and the notification feed can now be accessed from tablets and mobile devices as well. This allows you to quickly check for replies to your question even while on the go. We’ve optimized the header navigation to scale down on the smaller screen to give more room for this.


Community Feedback widget

Floating on the right-hand side of the screen you now find a directly accessible feedback widget. If you have any feedback about your community experience to share, the quickest way is by clicking there. You can also highlight in a screenshot the element of the page your feedback is referring to which makes it easier for us to act on your feedback.


Improvements & Bugs fixed

  • Updated TinyMCE editor to improve drag'n'drop for media in the editor
  • Linked category card titles to the category pages
  • Extended profile information for staff members
  • Further decreased page load times by ~200ms through preloading script components
  • Icon support for Macbook touch bar. Shown in Safari bookmarks
  • Sortable label list on Filtered by labels page
  • Various UX optimizations on smaller screens

Cover image "Electronic Kintsugi" by geekphysical is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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