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I really like the way the posts are showing in the new Community. It looks more neat than the previous site. There are a few things that could be improved I think:

  1. At the top level ( ) the Community only shows 5 posts (see first screen shot below), whereas the rest of the specific areas show 10 posts. It will be nicer to have it consistent with 10 at the top level too, 5 is too little. Ideally I would much like to customise this value per user and see 20 at once but I guess that might not be possible. I usually use the top level entry point to posts for all categories and 5 is too little. I did note tht the More gives 10 at a time so that's good.
  2. The site's middle section does a good job in resizing/adapting to smaller screens but seems to be limited to around 1220 pixels wide (see second screen shot). This means it will not continue to expand even though I have plenty of space. While I understand this may be done for aesthetics reasons it seems that this should be increased to at least 1440 pixels wide. At home I use screens of 2560x1440 pixels Quad HD (QHD) and you can see below how the Community site looks (see third screen shot below). Basically most of the screen is white and not used. At work I even have wider screens and a lot of people use 4K/5K displays too. And given that the smaller screen sizes are already handled by the site's adaptability it will be nicer to see better use of the available screen size.
  3. Increase visibility for answered posts: The new way to show answered posts is via a small check icon (see forth screen below). The old Community site did a better job at highlighting posts that were answered I think and I would like to see an increased visibility for answered posts. This will help people looking for answers and those willing to answer like myself.

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