Does dataiku has a recipe or something that checks for the changes in the source tables ?


Whenever there is a change in a source table(SQL Server) is there a way to find the schema changes before the project fails? Its a daily run project. I am new to Dataiku so. still weak at understanding the software.


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    Do you want to check that automatically, on a daily basis? Or is it when designing your flow that you want to check schema changes?

  • Im up for anything. I would like to include this step in already built projects/flows.

    I would like to add this to future flows as well.. Need not be a daily check but whenever there is a change...

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    In your case, I think that the best way to automate that would be to use a SQL Trigger in a scenario. You can read more there about scenario triggers here:

    When you create a scenario, you can choose the trigger called "SQL query change". You then have to add in the code area "SQL Script" something like :

    select column_name, data_type
    from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS where table_name = '<name of table>';

    Where you just have to replace <name of table> by your table name.

    Then you can add any step you need, like "Send message"

    Is that what you need?

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