SSO Configuration - Proxy error ?

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trying to setup the SSO on a DSS instance. We have a custom IAM solution based on ORY Hydra.

Everything is setup as wanted on DSS side, callback URL on IDP = https://dss-access-url/login/openid-redirect-uri/, clientID & SecretID are configured.

DSS uses a proxy, and the checkbox "use global proxy settings" is enabled.

Though, I still get the error :
DSS error ERR_OPENID_IDP_EXCHANGE_CODE_FAILURE - Couldn't exchange the authorization code. Please contact your administrator., caused by: IOException: Unable to tunnel through proxy. Proxy returns "HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error"

Can't find anywhere in the logs a confirmation of the following:
- Is DSS unable to contact IDP ? (fails at proxy)
- is IDP giving a 500 at DSS ?

Any precision on where to find the correct logs about this issue would be most welcome.



Operating system used: Ubuntu 20.04


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