What are Accepted Solutions and how do they help?

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Accepted Solutions are a great way to help both connect people with the answers they need, and recognize the diligent members who invest time to answer questions!

Accepting a solution is super simple - all you have to do is navigate to a reply to your post and hit the ‘Accept as Solution’ button highlighted below!
Once you have done that a few things happen:

Firstly your thread will now show a green check-mark in activity feeds to indicate that it has an answer.

Secondly the accepted solution will be highlighted green and display at the very top of the replies thread - this helps people get to the answers they need more quickly!

Note that more than one answer can be flagged as the solution.

Please try to adopt the good habit of remembering to accept solutions on your questions - this helps the users find answers, influences our page rank on google search results - plus it affects your community rank! (read more about that in @rank)

If you have any other questions about this topic please don’t hesitate to reply to this post or reach out to a member of our Community team.

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