EKS Cluster creation fails because of tag name format

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Hey there,

We're using the EKS Plugin v1.4.0 (previously running 1.3.2 with same result) and when we deploy an EKS cluster, we get the below error on the eksctl-clustername-nodegroup-cluster-ng-0 step in CloudFormation.

It seems to be related to the way the tag names are formatted using a forward slash, but looking back on a successful deployment from a few weeks ago (it was working a few weeks ago), the tag is formatted the same way in the template. Any advice would be great, thanks!

Resource handler returned message: "'alpha.eksctl.io/nodegroup-type' is not a valid tag key. Tag keys must match pattern ([0-9a-zA-Z\\-_+=,.@:]{1,255}), and must not be a reserved name ('.', '..', '_index') (Service: Eks, Status Code: 400, Request ID: xxxxx)" (RequestToken: xxxxx, HandlerErrorCode: InvalidRequest)
DSS version: 12.5.2
OS: almalinux (8.9)
Java: Red Hat, Inc. (1.8.0_402)

Operating system used: almalinux (8.9)

Operating system used: almalinux (8.9)


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    A new verison of the plugin was released, 1.4.1 can you please confirm if you still have the same error with the latest version. Please note you should use Python 3. x code env for the latest version.

    If the issues persist, please open a support ticket with the cluster diagnostics so we can review further.


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