Building a UI for workflow I built

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I am building workflows for end users in the DSS, and I want to build a UI. traditionally we have people run "Scenarios" , but would love to develop a UI that kicks off the scenarios , and takes any necessary arguments to specify partitions, filepaths , etc.

Are there any resources I can look at? Building a User UI for workflow I built


  • Turribeach
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    Have a look at Dataiku Webapps. Note that Dataiku Webapps can be public if you want meaning users won't need to have an account in Dataiku or have a license. In that case you can either let them be accessed freely or add your permissioning on top via custom Python code. Otherwise you can use Dataiku permissions. Users only need to have the Reader license and read access to the project to access a WebApp.

    Here are some sample webapps:

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