Configuring Spark and Hadoop with Dataiku DSS

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Hi! I'm encountering difficulties configuring Spark and Hadoop with Dataiku DSS on my local Windows machine. I've successfully installed Dataiku DSS (Free Edition with advanced features trial), Spark (version 3.5.1), and Hadoop (version 3.3.0) on my system. However, I'm unable to configure Spark for use within Dataiku DSS, and I also aim to configure Hadoop to allow dataset uploads from HDFS.

The issue occurs within the setup and configuration process of Dataiku DSS on my local Windows machine.

What version are you using?
Dataiku DSS: Free Edition (with advanced features trial)
Spark: 3.5.1
Hadoop: 3.3.0

I've searched online for configuration guides and tried various configurations, but I haven't been successful in getting Spark and Hadoop properly configured within Dataiku DSS.

Operating system used: Windows


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