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what I'm looking for is the user needs to choose among the segmentation parameters which are there brand, decile, market, decile, specialty account type. And in existing segmentation, which may already be there, other data that is supplied, which one of them they would want to use and once they choose it then depending on their selection a consequent. Code has to arrive if someone has selected brand designed, for example, a code should run on the data set to do brand selling. If someone has chosen market decile, then account second code should run to do market designing and end of the process. when should we created basis the parameters that were selected and once the segment are created then the user should have the option of combining segments if required. If there are smaller segments, for example, they may want to combine them together.So this is the entire end to end flow that I'm looking for.


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    There is insuficient information in your post to answer your question. But in general terms it seems you want to have the user decide how the data should be aggregated and even perhaps combined in different ways. It looks to me that you shouldn't really use a flow but more likely a custom webapp that let's you play with the data in different ways. A flow will tend to always produce the same schema output so it's not suitable for a requirement like the one below. Also flows can not run concurrently for different users with different parameters. Finally this requirement doesn't look like a machine learning requirement so maybe Dataiku is not the best tool to use in this case?

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