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I need to duplicate my data set. Take the lines and split into two lines (debit line and credit line) for an accounting entry. What is the best way to do this?


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    Welcome to the Dataiku Community. We are so glad that you can join us.

    There are so many great ways to transform data with Dataiku. However, from your description it is a bit hard to tell the data transformation you are trying to achieve. Do you have just one records. Say the credit lines, but don’t have the debit lines. And are you trying to create those lines by simply reversing the signs.

    Or do you have all of the debit and credit information on a single line.


    There are lots of ways I could imagine your data exists.

    There are several things that come to mind in a flow that might be helpful.

    You can run two recipient against one dataset. That is process all of the lines as if they were debits with a Visual Prepare Recipe for example. And then with a second visual prepare recipe process all of the rows in the same dataset as if they were credits. Then as long as the columns are the same in both datasets, you could stack the results with stack recipe.

    Or there are visual prepare recipe steps like Fold multiple columns that may also be of some help in creating two row from a single row in your data.

    That said and I hope that those ideas might help a bit.

    You may find that this community can be of more help if you can be a bit more clear about the transformation you are trying to perform. Maybe showing some examples records showing columns and example data types. (Not real data, this is a public forum.) The idea is to show example data the way you receive the data, and then a second table showing the way you want the data when you are done. There may be someone here who can provide some more details that talk to your specific use case.

    Hope this helps a bit, and welcome to the Dataiku Community.

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    Agree with Tom, not enough information to know wxactly what you are trying to achieve. Give us some sample dummy records and how you want them to be split.

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