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In the scenario run details, the link in the "run scenario" description forwards me to the most recent sub-scenario run and not the run that was actually running:

Given I have a scenario "parent" that runs a sub-scenario "child" with the "Run Scenario" step and I run scenario "parent".

In the "Last runs" of scenario, I can see the description of the step Run scenario as "Ran scenario child in project_key" and the sub-scenario key has a hyperlink to

which always shows me the latest run of the child scenario.

Instead, I would like to have a link to the specific run of the child scenario that was triggered by the parent. aka append the respective run id to the URL


This would save me a lot of time when analyzing scenario runs, because today I need to manually verify which run of the sub scenario I need to analyze. This includes, opening the log, copying the run id timestamp, closeing the log, opening the link, adding the timestamp to the URL, and refreshing the page.

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