How and where to get a complete training course in Dataiku for a dummy learner?

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I am very new here and I am learning Dataiku by myself.

I already took the certification of core designer, and I am keen to go further but since I am not doing any code yet, I feel like it is so difficult for me right now. Am counting on your advice and your support to achieve this goal. please bear with my dummy status here and help me out.

Thank you


  • Isabelle
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    Hi Karly,

    Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to Dataiku.

    First off, I want to assure you that there's no such thing as a "dummy" status here, and your questions are absolutely welcome. We're here to support you on your Dataiku journey.

    Considering your interest in going further after the Core Designer certification, I recommend exploring our Quick Start programs. Here are a few that might align with your current goals:

    If you're not a coder, the Advanced Designer learning path might be perfect for you. It showcases the power of visual recipes and demonstrates that you can achieve a lot without diving into code.

    Feel free to ask any questions as you progress.

    Happy learning!

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