How to install Dataiku on EC2 Linux ?

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I'm having trouble installing dataiku on AWS EC2. At first attempt, there was an error of no java found, so I installed java. After second attempt, I installed python 3.9.2.

Now, after trying again, it's having this error. I've also tried installing python 2.7 (as required by this Dataiku setup) but Python2.7 is not available to download.

Here's the error :

[ec2-user@xxxxxxxxx ~]$ dataiku-dss-11.3.2/ -d DATA_DIR -p 11000 -n


* Dataiku DSS installer *


[!] *****************************************************

[!] DATA_DIR contains a previously failed install of DSS

[!] Moving it out of the way and proceeding

[!] *****************************************************

[+] Creating data directory: DATA_DIR

[+] Saving installation log to /home/ec2-user/DATA_DIR/run/install.log

[!] SELinux is installed but not enforcing

[+] Using Java at /usr/bin/java : openjdk version "1.8.0_392"

[+] Installation starting

[+] Initializing Python environment

[+] Initializing Python environment using platform default

+ Using default base Python for this platform : python2.7

/home/ec2-user/dataiku-dss-11.3.2/scripts/ line 63: python2.7: command not found+


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    I would suggest installing the latest DSS version (12.5.0) instead since it supports Python 3.9 as base Python.

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    I concur with YoungSang, you should be installing v12.5 which will default to Python 3.9 for the builtin code environment and since you already installed Python 3.9 in your system you should be good. If you insist in installing v11 then you will need to install Python 3.6 or Python 3.7 and set it as a parameter in the installation script: -d DATA_DIR -P python3.7 -p 11000 -n

    By the way the DATA_DIR parameter should be an actual directory. If you pass it like this without setting it then the installer will install Dataiku in the user's home. This is a really bad practice in a Linux system. You should not install software that will run in the background in the user's home. So look for a more appropiate location like /opt/app/dataiku and make sure you have a separate mount for that so you can have a separate disk space allocation. Finally installing applications in the ec2-user is also a really bad idea. The Amazon ec2-user is a priviledged account that can sudo to root. You should create a separate user account for Dataiku and install it/run it under that user identity.

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