Getting error "Failed to set process in cgroup tasks file"

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I have installed the following library in my code recipe: alibi_detect

However, when I try to import it in the recipe, I get the following errors:



Appreciate any help on this.

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  • Turribeach
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    The first cgroups error is likely due to an incorrect setup in your User Isolation Framework and/or cgroups for resource control since your user ID is unable to read some required config files. So I will suggest you speak with your Dataiku Administrator. The second error "no locator available for file" also suggests a write permission error so it might a symptom of the first error or as this Github issue suggests you might need to set the NUMBA_CACHE_DIR environment variable to a directory you can write to.

  • pbena64
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    Thanks @Turribeach
    . I have contacted the administrator, and they told me this is a known issue and they have it on their to-do list (whatever that means). Appreciate your help though!

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