Override the sample size for snowflake datasets

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One of the challenges we face with the newer versions of Dataiku is the ability to override the sample size.
By default dataiku chooses a sample size of 10k rows and hence with snowflake a query gets fired to snowflake like 'select * from table limit 10000'
If the snowflake table is large with many columns then generating this result itself takes a lot of time and hence the UI just shows as running as seen in image below.


With earlier versions of dataiku we could have just clicked on ABORT and then gone to the sample link and changed the sample size. But with the new versions of dataiku this is no longer feasible.

Hence my request is either have a project setting where we can predefine the sample size.
Or like previous versions if we press abort we should see the SAMPLE option where we can go and redfine the sample size.

If there is any other way to achieve this then please feel free to let me know.

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  • apichery
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    Hi @NN

    The sample size is still configurable. Just click abort and open the sample panel using the handle on the left side of the screen.

    Hope this helps,

  • NN
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    Sorry my bad. I didnt see that there is a tab to the left and just kept looking at the top left for the sample button. Please feel free to close this request.

    Thanks Again.

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