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I'm new in Dataiku, I hv 1 new project to perform in dataiku which need to do upsert for existing table or dataset. May I know how can I perform the insert/update statment in SQL? Especially on input value from dataset? Let say I have abc dataset with 10 column data, but need to insert/update only 5 from 10 column? How to declare this data in insert statement?

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    Dataiku is not an ETL tool. While it can do some ETL it certainly not designed to replace one. You can read this thread to understand some of the issues you are going to find trying to do what you want using the visual flow. It will be best if you do your ETL upstream and then bring the data to Dataiku for machine learning modelling. Failing that you can write Python code to do anything you can ever want but again it won't be the most efficient way of doing ETL.

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