Allow End Users to Export Count Distinct Grand Totals From Pivot Table Chart

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Hello Dataikers,

Many end users in our organization like to leverage the chart functionality for datasets on the flow. When creating pivot table charts it is possible to include the "Grand Total" (rows and columns) with the count distinct of a variable in the "Value" input. This is helpful to grab the grand total count distinct for the dataset.

Currently when end users try using the "Download" button, the Excel output does not capture the Grand Total metrics in the final Excel output. Right now the work around is to create a pivot table recipe with aggregations instead, or maybe pandas.pivot_table with margins=True for more technical users. Since we have a wide range of users who prefer the no-code/low-code option it would be great to see this as an updated feature to the "Download" since the aggregate is readily available in the chart. In this case the end users can't use a simple sum in the resulting Excel since it's getting the distinct count not just a simple sum.

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