Type of logs and ways to trigger a python script without admin

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I'm trying to get different type of logs when running a scenario that has multiple jobs, and each job has multiple activities. The logs that are available on Dataiku UI are: scenario log, step log, job log, and activity log.

However, I'm only able to access the job logs via python API/SDK without Admin access. I created a script to get the job logs with SDK to store them in a different persistent storage.

  1. Is there a way to get other logs via API/SDK? e.g, scenario logs?
  2. Beside from recipe and step in scenario, is there another way to trigger my python script automatically every time I run my project?
  3. Can I configure Dataiku's default logging level for each project without admin access? I can only add a stream handle to capture a specific logging level, but the default level in the logs generated by Dataiku is the same.

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    1. Not that I am aware.

    2. Trigger after Scenario is another way. Also you scenario changes a dataset you could also trigger the next scenario after dataset change.

    3. Not that I am aware.

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