Unable to connect to GKE cluster

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I am tryng to connect my DSS instance deployed in GCP to GKE but when setting up containerized execution configuration -, it fails with the following error message:

Kubernetes pod did not start, caused by: IOException: Error while checking kubernetes logs, returned 1 Error from server (BadRequest): container "c" in pod "dataiku-exec-container-test-z5hoywb" is waiting to start: InvalidImageName

Im indicating the setting the value of the URL that i receive from command (docke inspect "imagen-ID")

gke-gcloud-auth-plugin --version
Kubernetes v1.28.0-alpha+918af8f95e54adc06c7f33df3ab7c68bd24fc278

kubectl get namespaces
default Active 96m
dssns-admin Active 79m
gke-gmp-system Active 95m
gke-managed-filestorecsi Active 95m
gmp-public Active 95m
kube-node-lease Active 96m
kube-public Active 96m
kube-system Active 96m

thanks in advance

Operating system used: CentOS8


  • moisesmarrero
    moisesmarrero Registered Posts: 12

    I created the cluster in GCP but when i run the command, following the result

    kubectl get pods
    No resources found in default namespace.
    [moisesmarrero@dss-instance-1 ~]$

  • moisesmarrero
    moisesmarrero Registered Posts: 12
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    I ended up recreating the images and it seems it's working since I can push images from the instance. howevere, when I test the containerized configuration I see the following message:

    [1/MainThread] [ERROR] [root] Could not reach DSS: HTTPConnectionPool(host='dss-instance-1', port=11001): Max retries exceeded with url: /dip/api/tintercom/containers/get-execution (Caused by NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0x78e57bd202e8>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 110] Connection timed out',))

    [2023-11-06 21:52:17,557] [1/MainThread] [INFO] [root] Backend host dss-instance-1 resolved to

    Host used for the test dss-instance-1

    Container done

    any thoughts?

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