DSS connection to GCS - Unable to read private key

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Wen configuring DSS connection to GCS the json file failed to be read.

When introducing the key file (json file) generated for GCP:

first I received the error message where "type" field is missing, I added mannually "type":service-acount" and now it's complaining with:

Connection failed: Unable to extract private key from supplied JSON string., caused by: IOException: Error reading service account credential from stream, expecting 'client_id', 'client_email', 'private_key' and 'private_key_id'.

the entire field needs rework ? is there a similar situation when generating the json file from GCP?

thanks in advance.

Operating system used: CentOS8

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    moisesmarrero Registered Posts: 12
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    yes, the json file was being exported corrupted in my browser.

    I took reference of the file structure frol here: https://github.com/googleapis/google-auth-library-java/blob/main/oauth2_http/java/com/google/auth/oauth2/GoogleCredentials.java

    String fileType = (String) fileContents.get("type");
    if (fileType == null) {
    throw new IOException("Error reading credentials from stream, 'type' field not specified.");
    if (USER_FILE_TYPE.equals(fileType)) {
    return UserCredentials.fromJson(fileContents, transportFactory);
    if (SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE_TYPE.equals(fileType)) {
    return ServiceAccountCredentials.fromJson(fileContents, transportFactory);
    if (GDCH_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE_TYPE.equals(fileType)) {
    return GdchCredentials.fromJson(fileContents);
    if (ExternalAccountCredentials.EXTERNAL_ACCOUNT_FILE_TYPE.equals(fileType)) {
    return ExternalAccountCredentials.fromJson(fileContents, transportFactory);

    so I recreate the file and maje sure the file was indicating all the fileds. add it again in the system and this time it take it without problem.


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