Implement Custom Python Reporter at Scenario Settings level

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Scenarios allow the execution of Reporters which execute after all the scenario steps and contain certain statistics that Dataiku calculates automatically and are shown in the "Available variables" section:

Description Variable
Name of the scenario${scenarioName}
Name of the scenario trigger${triggerName}
Type of the scenario trigger${triggerType}
Scenario result${outcome}
Textual summary of all events in the scenario${allEventsSummary}
Textual summary of events with warnings${warningsEventsSummary}
Textual summary of failed events${failedEventsSummary}
# of steps${allStepsCount}
# of successful steps${successStepsCount}
# of steps with warning${warningStepsCount}
# of failed steps${failedStepsCount}
# of Jobs${allJobsCount}
# of successful Jobs${successJobsCount}
# of Jobs with warning${warningJobsCount}
# of failed Jobs${failedJobsCount}
# of Built datasets${allBuiltDatasetsCount}
# of successfully built datasets${successBuiltDatasetsCount}
# of datasets builts with warnings${warningBuiltDatasetsCount}
# of failed Datasets builds${failedBuiltDatasetsCount}
Name of first failed step${firstFailedStepName}
Name of first failed build job${firstFailedJobName}
URL of the DSS instance${dssURL}
URL of the scenario run report${scenarioRunURL}

This product idea is to have a Custom Python Reporter at Scenario Settings level (not as a step) so that a user can perform a custom notification AFTER the scenario has been completed and have all the above variables already pre-calculated and available to use without having to do any additional coding other than loading the Scenario of scenario ofject and its variables. Also since I am asking Scenario ID should also be added to the above list.

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