migrate one designer instance to another designer instance

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I've been looking at a question that was asked before here: https://community.dataiku.com/t5/Using-Dataiku/Sync-a-project-between-two-different-exploration-instances/m-p/27702

What is a good way to export a bundle of a project (or multiple projects) from one designer instance and then import it into a different designer instance? I plan to do it with many projects, so my intention was to use the Python API option in order to automate this process.

I saw the answer in the link above was focused on the export part when using the Python API, but how can I import a bundle into the new designer node? most of the documentation is relevant only to automation node imports.

Also, is there a good way to export a bundle zip file not to a local storage directory, but to a S3 folder location?


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