Discover the Winning Stories of the 2023 Dataiku Frontrunner Awards

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The 2023 Dataiku Frontrunner Awards kicked off earlier this year to celebrate all you data and AI pioneers out there, who are pushing the field forward day in and day out.

We have received 84 inspiring use cases and success stories from all over the world. These entries came from teams across industries, showing an exciting momentum for embedding AI in all domains.

Big thanks to everyone who participated - customers, partners, nonprofits, academic institutions, and individual users (including our amazing Dataiku Community members!). Your case studies are helping others learn and innovate.

Our jury, made up of Dataiku execs and industry experts, have made their decisions. So, without further ado, let's reveal this year's winners and finalists!

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Democratization Categories

Best Data Democratization Program

As part of their learning university, Moderna had initially launched one AI literacy program, designed as a general introduction to AI and how its 850+ employees can leverage it in their role. Then, as employees started to identify a growing number of use cases, the AI Applied program was created to empower people without coding background to leverage AI/ML in a self-service manner to streamline or augment their day-to-day work.

Scale of Impact

SLB decided to scale data science and AI in the organization by internally upskilling over 3,000 energy experts. A custom Dataiku portal was launched for SLB employees, offering modular learning, hands-on exercises, and certifications, with a gamification campaign to motivate employees to complete the courses. It took the HR team less than two years to reach 600+ certified data science practitioners and 5,200+ Dataiku academy certifications.


AI for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry specifically, Roche developed a predictive analytics capability to predict the need for Independent Data Monitoring Committees (IDMCs) in clinical studies. Now, the IDMC team can maintain and use the model independently, without relying on IT resources.

This approach promotes data citizenship and demonstrates the value of data science tools to non-technical users, enabling them to generate business data that can be used across teams. It also has the potential to expand beyond Roche’s internal scope, benefiting patient safety industry wide.

AI for Finance

The mission of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is to ensure market integrity and protect investors. Analysts analyze petabytes of market data to efficiently detect any insider trading and unfair strategies. Dataiku has not only made data more accessible but also empowered non-coders to harness the power of large datasets that were previously out of their reach. They are now autonomous in analyzing data for their own needs, which greatly improves time-to-insight and enables FINRA to react faster as an organization.

AI for Manufacturing

As one of the world’s top ten largest heavy equipment manufacturers, Doosan Corporation is leading the way to augment manufacturing operations with data. For instance, it has improved the accuracy of steel capacity prediction to 98%, by developing a dedicated model which helps their team make more informed decisions.

Using Dataiku as a low-/no-code solution, it has more broadly lowered the barrier to entry for data analysis skills, making it easier for the data analysis culture to spread within the group.

Acceleration Categories

Best Acceleration Use Case

Novartis, a leading global medicines company, leverages Dataiku to streamline and automate its data pipelines for commercial analytics. This resulted in a significant reduction in data ingestion time, as well as in the manual efforts previously required for maintaining PowerPoint presentations and creating visualizations. Developers now allocate their time and expertise towards more strategic analytics for brand uptake, driving innovation and accelerating project timelines.

Novartis 1.png

Best Positive Impact Use Case

Nonprofit One Acre Fund empowers smallholder farmers across East Africa through asset-based financing and comprehensive agriculture training services. By operating across different countries, the organization faced decentralized data management and relied heavily on manual processing via Google Sheets.

To address this, they established a data warehouse in Snowflake and integrated it with Dataiku, enabling real-time credit scoring, automated data processing, and enhanced data analysis. This transformation has resulted in increased operational efficiency, improved decision-making processes, and positive outcomes across various teams and countries — clearing valuable time and resources to maximize the positive impact of the organization.

DaviPlata, a cash management service launched by Davivienda, faced a challenge in offering financial services to its low-income users due to lack of information for creating classification models. They utilized Dataiku to run a field-aware factorization machine recommender system, combining various data sources to generate a dataset for modeling, which enabled them to offer products to these users.

The model increased the number of customers who could be offered a new product from 7.9 million to 12.1 million, providing financial services and offers to a low-income segment for the first time.

Best ROI Story

In response to changing office attendance patterns and a focus on improving profitability, Standard Chartered Bank developed a Space Planning and Optimization Tool (SPOT) to streamline data integration and analysis. Dataiku played a crucial role in data sourcing and preparation, simplifying data availability, enabling faster data sharing, and facilitating better decision-making through statistical techniques.

SPOT has resulted in significant productivity savings, a shortened lead time for adapting office space, reduced property costs, and a shift towards data-informed decision-making for business teams.


Best NLP Use Case

Norwegian insurance company Frende Forsikring has automated claims reporting, saving between 55 and 75 hours of work per month. The team trained a BERT model on 10,000 emails to predict the correct unit for incoming emails, achieving an impressive 98-99% accuracy rate to redirect claims to the right management unit.

An API, created with Dataiku's API designer, facilitates email forwarding, and a "human in the loop" approach continuously improves the model which has become so efficient in just a few months, that the AI is now distributing all emails in the claim center. The process is already being replicated for automating other processes and helping Frende scale.

Best Partner Acceleration Use Case

The Standard Chartered Digital Center of Excellence partnered with Dataiku and Deloitte to scale AI capabilities and maximize project delivery. Deloitte provided expertise and resources to help fill skill gaps, while Dataiku's platform enabled the team to quickly develop and deploy data-driven solutions.

The day-to-day change brought about by this collaboration includes a shift towards quality-focused agile development, improved collaboration between teams, and enhanced documentation of projects through a Dynamic System Delivery Methodology for data and AI.

Trust Categories

Best Approach for Building Trust in AI

In the highly regulated finance industry, Macquarie Group partnered with Dataiku to extend the use of the platform to meet their business needs for autonomous, governed access to trade data.

The solution is a key enabler in meeting regulatory obligations, promoting confidence in their analysis processes, monitoring and reporting, and ensuring data is protected. Through trusted, accessible, governed data, the business is competitive in a fast-moving industry, can respond to evolving regulatory requirements quickly, and realize efficiencies in time and cost.

Best MLOps Use Case

This financial services institution implemented agile model deployment techniques, utilizing the Dataiku Govern Node for governance, and building customized conditional pipelines to support compliance. Dataiku played a crucial role in scaling their MLOps practice, enhancing model explainability and fostering collaboration among teams.

This resulted in increasing the firm’s overall efficiency rate for deploying compliance models into production by more than 90% and allowed Machine Learning Engineers to build end-to-end pipelines while writing up to 75% less production code by leveraging the functionalities of Dataiku.


Community Choice

As a leading U.K. insurance provider, Aviva faced challenges in effectively analyzing vast customer feedback data to enhance their online customer experience. Manual analysis was time-consuming, error-prone, and lacked scalability. They partnered with Wipro to build a machine learning solution using Dataiku, which generated cost savings of approximately £10,000 per month, as well as time savings, including a reduction by 50% in the time to generate weekly reports.

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