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Hi All,

It would be very helpful if anyone can help me with this scenario.

I have a project folder created to a specific team. I need all users who are tagged to a group added to this project folder to have access to view all projects created by any of the users who are tagged to this group.

I am aware that there is an option to make project discoverable but this will lead to all users of DSS instance to see that project name which should not be the case. Also, I do not want to ask users to add the group to individual projects instead I want the access to be inherited based on project folder.

Thanks in advance. Hoping to find a way for this scenario.

Operating system used: Windows 10

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    I am afraid there isn't a built-in solution for this. For right or wrong Dataiku does not cascade folder permissions to newly created projects inside folders. You have two options:

    1. Instruct every project creator to add the group permissions every time they create a new project
    2. Develop some Dataiku API code that crawls your projects frequently and cascades the folder permissions to newly created projects using the Dataiku API. You can add a project tag to denote the ones you have permissioned already.



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