Control the execution of steps in Scenario

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Hi Team,

I have created scenario to run daily wise to run the pipeline every day. in that scenario I have created 4 steps as below.

1)step 1: to get latest data available or not in table if available pick date_time of latest date

2)step 2: set the date_time as project variable.

3)step 3: based on date_time filter the data from table and keep it in test dataset(for ML model prediction).

4)step 4: run the ML model for test data.

Here when I run the scenario, some times latest data may not exist in table, in that case date_time variable populating as null value in project variable and scenario failing at step 3.

Now I want to stop the scenario when date_time value is null and scenario should stop running instead of failing at step 3(step 1 and step 2 should run). i.e whenever data_time is null



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