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Dear Dataiku Team,

It would be really helpful if we have Project Key appended to component for Dataiku Page Title.

As Dataiku is hosted as web-app when we are sharing project to other users, it's getting component as main key parameter.

Note - I can't use my Client env to share evidence for this feedback. Hence I am sharing this from my learning/personal project which uses free Dataiku license and hosted in my laptop.

Consider I have a project called MYEXPENSETRACKER which runs on http://localhost:11200/projects/MYEXPENSETRACKER/scenarios/ and it has page title as "Scenario | Dataiku". Attached Screenshot below.

When I am sharing this project to others in teams/slack, Shareable content is displayed Scenario | Dataiku (Hyperlink) and it's same for all projects.

If I have page title as "MYEXPENSETRACKER - SCENARIO", it will be really helpful when creating hyperlink. There are two benefits.

1. Hyperlink holds the project key. Hence for each project hyperlink remains different and other user can easily understand.

2. If I have multiple tabs opened, I can easily distinguish different projects.

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