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In step4, it says hover over Diagnostics. I do not see any issue as the model seems to have already ignored the missing values. Also after using the design specs as it is the results of the model remain the same. Is this fine?

In step7, it says deploy the model with best AUC. I do not see this option in the lab. How do I use the same specs and model? How to deploy? Please help as I am stuck on this since a while now.


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    Hi, @mahatibharadwaj

    We cannot give answers to the certification assessment but I will try to help. You should see a diagnostic after Step 4 (it is not related to missing values), so you might want to check your work in Steps 2 and 3. Also after changing the design, your model results should be different, so double check that you are making all the changes noted in Step 5.

    The steps for deploying a model are covered in the ML Practitioner learning path tutorials, so I would also recommend completing that tutorial if you haven't already.



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