The "raw text edit" feature from the "Rename columns" processor also available in other processors

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The "raw text edit" feature from the "Rename columns" processor is great since it's quite a bit faster to copy it from excel than to enter all column names individually.

I would like to see this feature in other processors as well, examples of processors that would benefit from this feature are:

- Delete/keep columns by name

- Move columns

- Formula: it would be great to be able to write a formula and be able to put different columns through the same formula. Here you would use a variable as the column name and add a list of columns you want to go through the formula in a "raw text edit" sort of setup. This could even be extended to have multiple column names and multiple columns in the "raw text edit" just like the "Rename columns"

As I've had to manually enter around 300 column names in multiple prepare recipes, these enhancements would make my life a lot easier in the future!

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    Hi !

    Thanks for the suggestion. We agree it would be a nice improvement to Dataiku DSS.

    Meanwhile, you can "hack" a little bit the feature with the copy/paste step. In the "Move columns" step for example, click the "..." menu and select "Copy this step". This copies into the clipboard the JSON representation of the step. Paste it into a text editor and you can then easily add or remove columns. Once done, copy the content of the updated JSON and paste it into DSS. This will creates a new step. Delete the original one and you're done!

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