Core Designer Certificate Stage 4

hazelellender Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Registered Posts: 1

Hi! I am trying to do the Core Designer cert. When trying to do part 4 of the practical, I end up with 980 rows and not 985.

I have inferred all data types as suggested in earlier steps.

I am doing an inner join across all three datasets and have tried both pre-filter and post-filter on the year column with >= 2008 and =< 2012 as my conditions.

Not sure what I am missing - any help much appreciated


  • Isabelle
    Isabelle Dataiker, Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Registered Posts: 19 Dataiker


    Thanks for reaching out. You're on the right track. On stage 3 (after the merge), your dataset should have 985 rows. Yet, on stage 4, it's normal to go down to 980.

    You can keep going obviously

    Have a nice day,


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