Impersonation issue

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Hi All,
While i am trying to import and HDFS data set i could see the below error:

"User superuser cannot impersonate User pocuser reason: ProxyUser "superuser" configuration not found "
can some please help me sort this i have checked the impersonation under login LDAP sso the impersonation is present as well


  • JordanB
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    Hi @saurabh

    Regarding the "superuser cannot impersonate User pocuser" error, please make sure that the hadoop.proxyuser.dataiku.groups and hadoop.proxyuser.dataiku.hosts configurations are added to the core-site.xml file:

    You will need to add the additional connection parameter below to your Hiveserver2 connection URL in order to tell Hiverserver to impersonate DSS users.

    Note that the ${hadoopUser} will be automatically be replaced by the current user for each connection.

    As far as the "ProxyUser "superuser" configuration not found" error, I would suggest to troubleshoot further with your Hadoop Admins and double check your Hadoop cluster settings as the next step.



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