Top Community Contributors - April 2023

KatrinaP Dataiker, Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Dataiku DSS ML Practitioner, Registered Posts: 43 Dataiker

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Spring is in the air! Like the flowers outside, the Dataiku Community is in full bloom, with plenty of great conversation sprouting up across a wide range of topics.

Some of these exceptional contributions have come from our Top Contributors, who we're happy to highlight again this month. The posters listed below sparked discussions, delivered solutions, and helped enable others to get the most out of their data throughout the month of March.


Picking daisies with 10 topics published, 5 replies authored, and 1 solution authored.

Some of their work includes: How to filter notebook kernels, Delete Application instance from another project code recipe, and How to load a file to Resources directory and have available at run time

2 (2).png@Turribeach
- Escaping April showers with 2 topics published, 11 replies authored, and 7 kudos received.

Some of their work includes: Using the "Files in folder" dataset, Dataiku Internals, and Dataiku with backend staging areas

2 (3).png@importthepandas
- Planting a garden with 4 topics published, 4 replies authored, and 1 solution accepted.

Some of their work includes: Support PyArrow for dataiku.Dataset.get_dataframe, Improve options for / consistency of handling Snowflake date/time types in DSS, and Make Dataiku Managed Datasets Less Opinionated (aka stop dropping my tables)

Thank you all for your contributions and conversation!

If you want to discover other especially active users, you can find all previous installments showcasing Top Contributors from the Dataiku Community here. Looking to join them? Check out some of our Community Resources and best practices. When selecting users to feature, we look for quality contributions, including topics started, replies given, solutions authored, and more!

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