Impossible to build Python code_envs for containerized execution

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I have a problem to build python code_envs for GKE. When i build the code_env without containerized exection : everything goes well, but as soon as i add an containrized env, it fails.

It fails because during the docker build phase, execution of pip fail with 'can't connect errors' because the container does not have internet. and it seems normal, because the command issued by Dataiku lack the network=host option.

don't understand how it us supposed to work and how to fix the command.

Note : containrized execution works well for Dataiku recipies, the base image is build and ok


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    Hi @Julien_g

    If you have not yet raised this, please open support ticket so we can assist further.

    If the Docker daemon is configured correctly and allows internet access, it should not need network=host option. If you do need you can for base image creation by passing the:

    Also, if a proxy is available, you may need to pass --HTTP-proxy .


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