Embed running of recipe within a Dataset Chart

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I often use dataset charts to analyze the contents to the datsaset and confirm that the contained data is accurate. However, I also often run into constraints that cause me to do the analysis outside of dataset charts. This is frustrating as I have to shift to a different tool (either within DSS such as SQL Notebooks or outside of DSS entirely).

Many of the constraints I have run into would be solved if I could run a recipe on the dataset and then develop the chart on the output of the recipe. This would enable creating new columns for chartings and applying complex filters.

I realize I could just do this in the flow but often my flows are complex enough that adding an additional recipe and dataset just to do a chart is not a tradeoff I want to make (I'd rather use another tool than clutter up my flows).

A variation of this idea is to use the same interface as is available in Visual Analysis where a script (essentially a Prepare recipe) can be defined and then a chart can be developed from updated data.

Why not just do this (using a script in Visual Analyses) then? The main issue is that there is not way to see from the dataset that a Visual Analysis on the dataset has been done. You'd need to remember to look. And go to that function. I just as well use some other tool like SQL Notebooks. Also, it doesn't look there is an option to run the script and the chart in database which I often want to do (a 10K sample often isn't representative and the dataset is too large to run the chart in DSS).


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