Dataiku Cloud: New Name and New Editions

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New year, new Dataiku! Can we still say it’s the new year? Either way, I’m excited to announce that our SaaS offering, formerly Dataiku Online, is now Dataiku Cloud. We’ve also expanded our Cloud offering with new editions to make it easier to fast-track your AI and analytics projects.


Now your options for Dataiku Cloud include Dataiku Cloud Discover, Business, Enterprise, and Dedicated Editions, so everyone from the smallest company to global enterprises can buy Dataiku as a Service to get up and running fast.

All of the Dataiku Cloud editions are entirely hosted and managed by Dataiku, meaning automated upgrades, backups, and monitoring. You can also take advantage of built-in elastic compute and access built-in cloud connectors. And now, you can also work with R, Python, and SQL in Dataiku Cloud. To learn more, visit the knowledge center.

Want to experience Dataiku Cloud? It’s as easy as signing up for our free trial!


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