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We want to run our workflow in the Dataiku DSS when someone pushes their code to GitLab. Any suggestions? Basically, our scenario should get triggered on a codebase change.

Similar to Do we have a feature for this?

  1. A user merges a change into the master branch from the development branch of the Dataiku project via the UI of the remote git repository (e.g. GitLab)
  2. The CI/CD tool is triggered by a change to the main branch in the remote git repository
  3. [The missing step] The CI/CD tool sends a command to Dataiku to pull the latest merge to the main branch in the remote git repository into the project of Dataiku that is currently on the main branch
  4. The CI/CD tool then runs integration tests and the Project Deployer deployment process to bundle that Dataiku project on the master branch and deliver it to the Automation Node.
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