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I am taking DataIku strictly because it is required for a class within the MBA program I am in. To say I am struggling with understanding the content is not remotely an accurate representation. I simply cannot begin to wrap my head around the information nor how the information is being presented. I am not interested in this and would simply not be doing it if not required, that being said I don't have a choice and must carry on. I cannot find anything outside of the program that has any sort of tutoring, help, etc and my school does not offer tutoring for this class. Does ANYONE know where there may be assistance outside of the DataIku platform? Or perhaps with in it that is not just the library of suggested readings?
I am currently on the Advanced Designer Certification.

I understand this is an unorthodox request but that's where I'm at (as well as many of my classmates).

Thank You


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    Thanks for reaching out. As a new user, before trying out the Advanced designer certification, I may suggest that you start with:

    - one of our quick start programs (the Business Analyst Quick Start being a good entry point to discover the platform and how to use it), then

    - follow the Core Designer learning path, which presents all the basics.

    These offer guided tutorials and explanations of the main concepts. It should help you get started with the solution.

    Have a nice day, and all the best for your MBA program.

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