Can dataiku applications offer flow zones to run within a project?

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I have a project with N flow zones, each running an analysis chain, resulting in a standardized data product. I would like to make an application that allows the user to select their product and then select 1 of N flow zone analysis chains. Just wondering if this is possible, as I see the application tutorial details running a whole project from an application.


Operating system used: Windows 10



  • Katie
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    Hi @info-rchitect

    We are currently working on a new "stop at zone boundary" option in scenarios, meaning you can opt to build a dataset and everything upstream within its flow zone (similar to the "stop in zone boundary we added in the build modals in V12.0 - see detail here).

    Then, if you have a scenario that is building a dataset from an application, you can choose to only build recurisively in that zone - this should provide you what you're looking for but let me know if not.


  • info-rchitect
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    That sounds like it should work, any ETA?

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