Override to Standard "Duck Typing" of Variables in DSS

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User Story:

As a user that is trying to automate the gathering of data from external data sources with Scenarios. I would like to be able to manually override the data storage type that is dynamically selected each time a scenario re-populates a dataset. Some times depending on the values produced by the source recipe a data storage type is changed, this caused Schema challenges breaking the ability to run the Scenario reliably. The value of this storage override would be to allow more reliable scenario operations.

Conditions of Satisfaction (COS):

  • The current default behavior of "Duck Typing" columns should remain. This should be treated as an advanced override.


In my case I've noticed this particularly with the API Connect plugin, when the first data element is an error and missing a value in the integer column. The default for DSS seems then to be to make the column a float, when in the past it was correctly identified as a Int.

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