Identify API endpoint generation from within python function

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I have created and deployed end points in the API deployer which use custom python functions.

Within these functions I have built functionality which outputs various information to SQL server.

This all works fine but I would like to save the generation of the end point (e.g. v45) in my logging each time it is called - so my question is how do I find out the generation of the end point from within my code? Is there e.g. an environmental variable or something?

Really I need to create a clear audit trail of the version of the code used to generate a particular record and am using generation as a tag in git to achieve this linkage.

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    Hi @Helm

    You can get the current generation of an API service by checking the DKU_CURRENT_APISERVICE_GENERATION environment variable.

    Here's an example Python endpoint that returns the current generation:

    import os
    def api_py_function():
        generation = os.environ["DKU_CURRENT_APISERVICE_GENERATION"]
        return generation




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