Can't set up the computer vision code envs nor can I restart dataiku

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Dear honored, plz help with these.

1.I've upgraded my DSS to 11. I wanna set up a image classification code env. But the set up shows error- memoryerror

2.After that, I wanted to restart DSS. However, no matter ./dss status... or ./dss stop commands entered, it showed 'DSS: DSS supervisor is not running'. (I can still open the DSS in my web browser)

How to fix the code env problem? and how to fix the restart problem?

Thank you very much.

Operating system used: Centos 7

Operating system used: Centos 7



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    Hi @RuoqinLo1979

    1. MemoryError usually indicates that the DSS server doesn't have enough RAM memory. You could check this by running this command:

    free -m

    Installing the python packages for image classification can require over 4-8GB of RAM.

    If you are still having this issue please open a support ticket and send the code environment diagnostic and the DSS instance diagnostic for further investigation.

    2. The restart problem can rarely happen with the ./bin/dss restart command when DSS takes too long to stop.

    To resolve this issue​ you will need to wait 5 - 10 minutes between running the stop and start commands on the server:

    ./bin/dss stop

    ​wait 5 - 10 minutes

    ./bin/dss start

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