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Hi all,

I have an image file placed under the static web resources in Dataiku.
How do we specify the path for this image so that I can use this image in my Dash app?

Note: I am using an online instance of Dataiku and not on my local server.

Operating system used: Windows



  • Alexandru
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    Hi @Usersyed

    Global Shared Code is not available on Dataiku Online instances at this time. So you will not be able to use static resources. You should instead use a Managed folder where you store the images and read from that folder.

    import as px
    import dataiku
    import dash_core_components as dcc
    import dash_html_components as html
    import pandas as pd
    import plotly.graph_objects as go
    import dash
    import base64
    #replace images with the actual folder name
    folder = dataiku.Folder("images")
    with folder.get_download_stream("subfolder/test.png") as stream:
        encoded_image = base64.b64encode(
        app.layout = html.Div([

  • Usersyed
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    Thank you for this solution.
    I will test this one also.
    I tried using "/local/static/image_name" as the file path and it worked.

  • hs987
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    Hi, how would this work in cases where you're using DataIku on a local server?

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