Top Community Contributors - December 2022

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The holiday season is officially upon us! To help the Dataiku Community get into the festive spirit, we're celebrating this month's top contributors.

As we saw last month, there has been a lot of great activity across the community on a wide range of topics. These posters helped spread cheer throughout November:


Decorating the tree with 24 topics published, 25 replies authored, and 15 solutions accepted.

Some of their work includes: Building a recipe, Custom top-N model, and Filter by comparing two columns

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- Opening gifts with 6 topics published, 29 replies authored, and 12 kudos received.

Some of their work includes: Improved UX for Scenario Variables Setup, Fleet Manager setting up DNS and Certificates, and Improved git UX for Branched Projects

- Taking a sleigh ride with 3 replies authored, 2 solutions authored, and 7 kudos received.

Some of their work includes: Checking for dataset warn outcomes within a Scenario - is there a better way?, How to create and store a "Main Table" used in several projects, and Variable expansion

Thank you all for your contributions and conversation!

If you want to discover other especially active users, you can find all previous installments showcasing Top Contributors from the Dataiku Community here. Looking to join them? Check out some of our Community Resources and best practices. When selecting users to feature, we look for quality contributions including topics started, replies given, solutions authored, and more!

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