Take the Shortcut: Customer Segmentation for Banking & Insurance Claims Modeling With GLM

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This time, Take The Shortcut tackles customer-related topics! We’re going to take a closer look at two of our Dataiku Business Solutions specifically created to help insurers and banks accelerate customer-related use cases.

Customer Segmentation for Banking is the perfect solution to rapidly integrate machine learning segmentation insights into an existing customer analytic suite. Sales, marketing, and product teams can gain actionable insights and improve sales performance.

Insurance Claims Modeling with GLM, meanwhile, is the solution to help actuaries and pricing product teams leverage no-code Generalized Linear Models for insurance claims modeling. It is best suited for firms with established GLM expertise looking to improve their data science and analytics capabilities.

Before exploring these two topics further, let’s dive into Dataiku Business Solutions, what they’re about, and how you can use them in your day-to-day work to achieve real-world business value!

About Dataiku Business Solutions

Business Solutions are ready-to-use Dataiku projects and analytical apps that accelerate the way to achieving advanced or foundational industry-specific use cases within your organization. They are an operational shortcut to gaining real-world business value. Taking advantage of Dataiku’s core features, they are also built to be fully customizable and entirely editable.

Business Solutions already support the acceleration of AI journeys of various functions from different industries, including financial services, retail and CPG, health and pharma, and even manufacturing. To find out more, you can check them out on the Dataiku website or directly through your Dataiku instance.

Business Solutions of the Month

Customer Segmentation for Banking


This solution aims at leveraging business knowledge and subject-matter expertise within a machine learning framework — without needing a dedicated data science team. It easily integrates a new segmentation technology as a complement to the existing and powerful approaches.

Features of the solution include:

✓ Enrich your customer segmentation approach by blending machine learning and existing techniques, deepening product expertise, and marketing effectiveness.

✓ Business-friendly explainable AI allows your team to quickly create and immediately understand the results of machine learning-based segmentation, without complex development.

✓ Instantly actionable insights to allow your marketing specialists to instantly understand revenue share, product mix, and much more, all through prebuilt cross-sell, tier, and segment analysis dashboards.


Insurance Claims Modeling With GLM


With this solution, the objective is to allow claims modeling teams to leverage their expertise in full, without being tied to outdated tools and a patchwork of data analysis systems. They gain the option to add new techniques, including machine learning, in parallel and at their own pace.

What’s included in the solution:

✓ Visual GLM: allows actuaries to model claims using generalized linear methods inside a robust, visual, and no-code environment.

✓ Powerful Exploratory Data Analysis & Model Insight: integrated visual data exploration allows rapid and thorough analytic insight, coupled with a powerful model insight application.

✓ API Integration: finalized models can easily be deployed via API, for use in other systems internally or externally.

✓ Complete Governance: all work occurs in a centralized space, with common data sets, tracked changes, and comprehensive model and process review capabilities.


Requirements to Use Dataiku Business Solutions

If you’re interested in using a Dataiku Business Solution, the requirements are simple. You must have relevant business data to feed the solution and use Dataiku 9 or a later version. All other technical requirements and useful code environments can be found in our Knowledge Base.

You can learn more about the different Business Solutions available to Dataiku users like you by discovering the ones featured last month, or by browsing all of the installments in our ongoing series.

Which Dataiku Business Solution are you most interested in trying? Let us know in the comments!

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